Teach Your World to Serve You

Aztrana is a Swiss artificial intelligence company that aims to personalize the entire world by teaching it how to understand and serve you. Here's how...

Meet Ambit

Our lives are scattered across the web, drowning in millions of apps and billions of devices. We're floating in a hyper-connected universe that cannot understand us and has fragmented who we are.
So we created Ambit, the operating system for your life. It unifies your identities, apps, and devices in one platform for the first time so you can control your world and interact with it like never before.

We're starting with anonymous ambits. Forget signups and downloads. Just create an ambit, share a link, and connect instantly! Organize trips, meetups, projects, events and just about anything else seamlessly. Share and collaborate with anyone on any device freely. Ambit is everywhere and everyone is anonymous and secure. Join and enjoy experiences around the world in seconds...

This world is one-size-fits-all. It wasn't designed for you. But what if it was? How does it feel when you approach a door and it automatically opens? Or you enter your house and the lights intuitively turn on? Our vision is to enable the rest of the world to serve you in that personal way. But to do that, we need to be able to understand your life so we can compliment it through the latest advances in technology. That requires us to connect with you on a deeply personal level.

That's why, Ambit 2.0 is encrypted end-to-end and powered by Via! Our A.I. is your proactive assistant. Create an ambit for each part of your life, invite the people you want to share it with, and integrate the apps and devices you want to use together. These ambits provide Via with a 360° view of who you are so it can serve you what you need, when you need it, wherever you go. Every environment you enter begins to adapt to you like a chameleon. For the first time, you can live in a world redesigned for you. We can stop searching and let what we need find us in the most personal and secure way.

The internet is a true democracy and artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology in history! Together, they are transforming the way we interact with everyone and everything in our world. These technologies have the potential to liberate or enslave all of us. The only way to safeguard the future and protect our freedom is decentralization. This means that there's only one key to your house and only you can get in. You control all of your data making it virtually impossible for anyone to break in.

Aztrana's mission is to create the most personal products. That starts by protecting you and making sure that George Orwell's 1984 remains a work of fiction. Which is why Ambit 3.0 is on track to be completely decentralized and set the bar for privacy and security. Your life belongs in your hands!

We've got a long journey ahead and we would love to share it with you once every month.

Don't Trust Us Trust the Math

Swiss Roots

As a Swiss company, Aztrana takes advantage of some of the most powerful privacy and security regulations in the world to protect you. We are fully compliant with the strict data protection laws in Switzerland's and the European Union.

Unapologetically Transparent

Privacy and security are human rights at Aztrana. That's why, all of our services are on track to be end-to-end encrypted, decentralized, and open sourced for anyone to verify, modify and improve. You control everything.

Honest Revenue

Aztrana does not sell user data and nor do we need to thanks to twelve diverse revenue models that compliment your experience instead of taking advantage of you in exchange for 'free' services. Your life is in your hands.

Redesign the Status Quo

Aztrana features a talented team from around the world. Our vision is our deepest passion and our diversity is our greatest strength. Live beyond today. Come build tomorrow.

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